1. research

Prove : identify and validate your opportunities

Duration : 15 — 30 days

  • Design thinking
  • Ideation
  • User Testing
  • Co-creation
  • Value proposition
  • Brainstorm
  • Workshop
  • Strategy
  • Personnas
  • Service Design
  • Business Model
  • Lean Startup

During this first stage, we will affine your ideas into a coherent system answering the needs of your target audience. Together, we will identify potential pitfalls early-on in order to set all the chances to succeed on your project’s side. Finally, we will confront it to the market needs and insure an adequate fit is conceived between both.

Applications that succeed are the ones that bring true value to their users. We will select what value proposition truly steps out in the project’s landscape and embed it together into different scenarios. This will enable us to test it thoroughly with potential users and above all, build an adequate solution not just for them, but with them.

What makes your idea simple enough to create ownership?

We establish the opportunities you identified by mapping their context. While taking your business’s strategic axioms into account, we make sure your business story is understood in order to understand where your ideas come from and what potential outcomes they could produce.

This way, we consolidate your project’s initial vision and enable the stakeholders to build true ownership while looking in the same direction.

Identify your user's needs and map out their desires.

We map your potential user’s profiles not only by understanding their actual desires, but also by gaining insights into their daily pain-points through research. This helps us design appropriate solutions for multiple outcomes, easily. We can then select on what essentials to focus on.

Affirm your ideas and make choices based on data, not feelings.

In order to gain efficiency from the start, we verify your application’s scenarios with potential users even before producing any interactive prototype. This enables us to make decisions based on rationales and actual feedbacks, not solely on our vision of the ideal service.

Find the right partners for your business and make space.

Once a value proposition is confirmed, we have to define the overall solution. A solution isn’t simply limited to an application or its technical aspects, it systematically comes along with the need for new processes, services or even partners. We guide you through these steps so that you can choose among all the options.

Know your surroundings: identify the streams and actors within your future ecosystem.

Upstream, we define all the elements required for your solution to grow naturally. This includes an understanding of the future costs and revenue streams so your project can start growing right after its shipped.

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