3. ship

Amplify : develop and launch your application.

Duration : 60 days — ∞

  • Scrum
  • Agile
  • Sprints
  • Functionnal testing
  • Extreme Programming
  • Growth Hacking

The previous phases designed your application around its added-value characteristics. For its launch, this solution must be developed within a robust frame enabling scalability in order to support its future growth. Your application is finally coded and everything is done to provide maximum scalability.

Supervising the development sprints enables you to adopt all the right methods and reflexes to foster a genuine ownership of your project. Not only will this reduce the risks linked to the project handover once completed, it will simply provide you with everything you need to decide of your application’s future. Finally, your application is shipped.

Find and hijack the pitfalls before they find you.

It’s common to see priorities change during development and testing phases. Thanks to an agile approach, we can easily review priorities while preserving the stakeholder’s ownership during these crucial phases before the launch.

Perfection can only be attained with your user's guidance.

With its flexibility on priorities, agile development enables an efficient and progressive go-to-market. Depending on your business strategies and the opportunities expressed by the market, it’s easy to rapidly deliver a high added-value digital product to your users.

If your solution is worth something, monetize it early.

A fast go-to-market also enables to monetize your solution quickly: the rapid pace of iterations after launch and the feedbacks gathered on tangible usage enable us to rapidly grow and deliver extra value to the users, step by step.

Launching is just the start, are you ready to grow with your users?

Launching a new application and the services it unlocks isn’t just a step. A new product is in all ways similar to a living organism: pulsing to market maturity, users needs, competitors pressure or even technical evolution opportunities. These improvements are shipped on a daily basis, and you have the knowledge to make the right choices.

Continuous improvement is about making the right moves, intuitively.

During the previous phases of the project we accustom you to agile and lean methods. This is instrumental in adopting continuous change and be ready to interpret, identify, and respond to your users needs as they grow.

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