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Engage your audience

Developing a Chatbot allow you to engage your audience through natural interactions: personalized and instant conversations. This enables you to gather precious informations on your users and their needs. Your clients aren’t just online to find information, they also want to interact with your service and business. This last step is instrumental in building trust. Today, users spend more than 25% of their time on messaging apps.

Conversational agents answer a common problem: clients want to be in touch with businesses, fast. Filling up a form is obviously not an option, and reactivity is key in keeping user focus. Chatbots offer instant, personalized interactions, which is just what’s needed.

Generally speaking, users enjoy interacting with chatbots because they are intuitive. Over 2 billion people use a messaging platform daily through tools like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Slack, among others.

As with any digital product however, Chatbots must answer needs and reflect you businesses identity. Tone, approach and vocabulary have to be designed with your users, for them. Octree offers to conceive and develop tailored solutions in order to setup the right chatbot for your clients.

Last year, surveys estimated 65% of users want to interact with brands via chatbots.
Last year, surveys estimated 65% of users want to interact with brands via chatbots.

Data analysis & business intelligence

A chatbot brings value-added interactions with your clients as well as a continuous presence to address recurrent questions, however it gathers something much more valuable: insights on their needs. Moreover, it enables to gain in-depth knowledge of who your users are. Frequent questions, frustrations, user profiles: all these informations can be formatted to help you better serve your clientele.

Above all, one of the greatest advantages of chatbots is that it doesn’t require any installation from the user, unlike mobile applications. With our multi-platform approach, you are already in your client’s pockets. They can easily interact with your service from the messaging app they already use: Facebook messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp or even simple text messages.

24/7 presence

A chatbot is an assistant here 24/7 for your clients, it supports your helpdesk teams, hotlines or even business developers who need to concentrate on essential client interactions. Last year, surveys estimated 65% of users want to interact with brands via chatbots.

Moreover, chatbots can be adapted to professional needs in order to improve cross-silo communication and team ownership overall. Adoption rates of tools like Slack, Hipchat or Microsoft Team are exponentially growing among companies: tailoring specific behaviours to internal needs though chat automation is then called ChatOps. For more information on this subject, please get in touch.

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