Collective intelligence & innovation

Unleash collective intelligence on your project.

Our society needs to evolve, we have to learn to adapt. Fortunately, this adaptation brings a new opportunity: the opportunity to innovate. Everybody is concerned with digital transformation, companies and institutions alike. Innovation is however not an easy task and needs to bring together different stakeholders around the table in order to succeed.

Octree offers it’s experience, proficiencies and contemporary startup methods to achieve a truly inclusive innovation process with you and your clients. Through interactive workshops we enable collective intelligence to bridge silos, stakeholders and partners around common perspectives. Above all, we creates ownership around what matters the most for your project’s success: your vision.

These approaches are kept alive daily within your project’s life-cycle through our pluridisciplinary structure. Our fields of expertise revolve around Business Analysis, User Experience design, Agile project management and DevOps.

Skills and expertises made for each other.

In order to correctly develop an app, professional solution or web platform it’s nowadays perfectly normal to require at least the presence of 4 different professions within the digital sphere. Creating elegant solutions requires profiles like Business Analysts,User Experience designers, Software Architects or even DevOps specialists in order to design scalable responsive infrastructures capable of growing alongside a new userbase.

Due to their specifically complex nature, these skills can’t be found in the same person. Furthermore, their need for coordination is punctual on projects, which can sometimes make their synchronisation difficult. This factor tends to push teams to constantly step out of their fields of expertise, for example in cases where it is asked of a software engineer to handle the system’s security, or when a developper is asked to “fix” designs. These isolated incidents can actually plague a whole project. Octree was created with this in mind.

In order to address these issues, our team brings together business analysis, design & engineering within a dedicated structure to your project. We work together as a team of experts ready to pug onto your project to give him better chances of success. Using the right skill at the right time while continuously working together enables us to efficiently keep track of your project’s growth so that when an issue arises we have all the data to proactively offer solutions.

  1. 1. research

    Get to the point.

  2. 2. prototype

    Test your prototype.

  3. 3. ship

    Launch your MVP.

  4. 1. Get to the point.
  5. 2. Test your prototype.
  6. 3. Launch your MVP.
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