Web application development

Our approach fuses Lean & Agile methods

We move forward the development of your web application, taking into account all your hypotheses. We help you to define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before starting the development. 

This method avoids developing features that will never be used and enables you to quickly test your web application with your users.

We know how to deal with the unexpected, thanks to our Agile development methods. You regularly receive deliverables and you can redefine your development priorities at any time while staying in control of your budget.

enabledbydesign.ch - a web plateform connecting designers et entrepreneurs
enabledbydesign.ch - a web plateform connecting designers et entrepreneurs

Launch fast

A web application allows you to easily reach your users without having to develop several times the same version of your application for each of the existing platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS).

Thanks to a responsive web development, we are able to provide a user experience at the closest of a native mobile app.

For businesses, web business applications are the perfect fit. No installation is required from the customer except a recent browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) and maintenance and support can be done very easily remotely.

Our team is committed to your project’s success

This is a concern we take to heart and which is an integral part of our values. No matter the size of your project, we are always fully committed. Our goal is your project’s success.

We develop your web application using robust and modern technologies to ensure its evolution and durability. We use the same technologies that are behind applications such as Paypal, Facebook or Dropbox.

We go further than the simple development of your web application, also thinking about its security and accompanying you in its maintenance with a high reactivity and proactive monitoring.

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