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Since it’s beginnings, Octree created and nurtured DevOps culture. This led our company to become one of the culture’s stakeholders in Geneva and its surroundings. Today, tools and processes which are part of DevOps culture enable us to manage all our project’s steps with agility, from conception to delivery into the the final user’s hands.

Simply put, DevOps is the philosophy aiming to break down silos separating the worlds of code development and operational infrastructure. This aims to have all the stakeholders engaged around the same table in order to enable shared learning curves and responsibilities. All of this is made possible with the help of strong agile processes alongside the use of modern tools in Cloud computing.

Let humans be human and automate everything else.

DevOps sponsors a multitude of benefits, but among those one stands out: recurrent tasks automation. Tests, deployments, alerts, server watch, all enable developers to focus on their purpose: to write efficient, smart, beautiful code.

Agreeably, machines are great at taking care of dull tasks. By using them to automate a maximum of repetitive work, humans can be supported equally in return: creation, research, associative thinking, communication and sharing experiences are human strengths which aren’t likely to be stolen from us by machines any time soon.

Our DevOps culture aims to streamline and dispatch tasks between human and machine in order to support both in what they do best. The result is enabling us to become a stronger team, better coders, take time to share with our clients, and above all be more human at work.

Reduce your Time-to-Market.

In order to develop applications within a short time-frame, it is today more than ever necessary to have a high velocity in development and deployment.

Initially, time-to-market was counted in months in the best cases, and the evolutions could last similarly long. Today this is out of question. In order to stay competitive, on must nowadays deliver and ship new functionalities and updates in a few days timeframe, when it’s not counted in hours.

Your business needs to be updated? Reload it.

IT is struggling more than ever to keep up to it’s own pace. Technology enables us to impact an ever-growing number of areas, … however in order to access this privilege one must be able to use it wisely.

At Octree, we focus on research & development to stay up-to-date with tools pushed forward by industry leaders: Docker, Kubernetes, Infrastructure as a Code, CI/CD, microservices and serveless are all in our daily practices or on the table of our testing lab.

Through internal courses, R&D or even personal projects, we test, challenge and integrate technologies which enable us to foster even more efficiency and serenity within our workspace.

We apply our expertise to client projects but also to external businesses and their teams through consulting. Over a day or a few hours, we offer to present and coach your team to easily onboard your business into DevOps culture.

If these approaches seem interesting to you, we will be happy to exchange. Please get in touch.

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