Go to market, blazingly fast

Launch your app under 100 days.

The digital products you love are the results of thousands of small iterations leading to the result that feels natural. Everything starts with launching a first version and gaining sufficient user insights to improve it step by step. Our Lean Startup approach enables us to deliver an application within a 100 days.

We take into account the complexity of your project or existing service, but most importantly, we conduct research upfront, before starting to build anything. This enables us to identify what’s the most important for your users, and to concentrate our efforts into what matter’s the most: the product’s added values.

Our Lean approach reduces a maximum of initial overload by setting aside the features which aren’t adding significative value to your application’s first version. If your application offers multiple services, we will focus on what’s called the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in the first 100 days, and will develop the rest later where it belongs: in the growth phase.

Your Minimum Viable Product.

Within our Lean Startup approach, the MVP isn’t a project’s first step, rather, it is a milestone in a larger approach: identifying and focusing on what’s essential from the start, by challenging the concept even before it is developed.

The MVP has a goal: to concentrate the core values which will guide your application to success. The main objective is straightforward: to propose the adequate solution to your user’s problem. Gathering feedbacks along the way is crucial to confirm the orientation of your project, and if this isn’t the case, these feedbacks will give precious informations on how to improve your plans in order to pinpoint what will get your users engaged with the next few evolutions.

We support and consult you all the way up to the launch of your MVP. By analysing your users needs and desires we establish strategies together to focus on whats essential to the first version of your application. This is what sets all the chances of your project to succeed, fast.

  1. 1. research

    Get to the point.

  2. 2. prototype

    Test your prototype.

  3. 3. ship

    Launch your MVP.

  4. 1. Get to the point.
  5. 2. Test your prototype.
  6. 3. Launch your MVP.
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