Application development

Our approach fuses Lean & Agile methods

Efficiency and cost-control: developing a robust application is a consequent financial investment. Our approach is to build with you a high added-value application in a given timeframe.

Together, we validate the scenarios you are aiming for and help shape a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), even before development. This method enables us to reduce costs, rapidly test your app with your users and keep risk down to the minimum, all within a short amount of time.

We develop digital products within an agile mindset, so you can regularly validate deliverables and can prioritize at any given moment the features you want to embed within your next version, all of this according to the strategy established together for your digital product.

“Nothing works better than improving your product.” — Joel Spolsky
“Nothing works better than improving your product.” — Joel Spolsky

Security & maintenance

No matter the size of your project, it is in our culture to dedicate ourselves fully in order push it towards success. Our success metric as a team is the viability of your digital product.

Based on actual cutting edge web technologies, both robust and blazing-fast, we ensure your application’s scalability and durability. We develop with technologies used and supported by industry leaders such as Airbnb, Facebook or Kickstarter. Security is a crucial element in your applications conception: from code to infrastructure we make sure your data is safe and adapt to your business needs.

Once launched on the market, an application needs support and maintenance in order to ensure the customer’s experience stays smooth. We take care of everything for you or provide advice on the tools of choice to implement for your business to handle it independently, so your app can keep growing.

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