User experience design (UX & UI)

UI design & interactive prototypes

If designing something awesome is nice, designing something viable is actually what you should aim for. The applications you use and love are the results of thousands of improvements. However, in order to grow, an application must be designed to evolve from the start.

By starting with wireframes based on userflows before designing an overall experience, we enable pragmatic guidance in order to avoid over-reliance on aesthetics. A great user interface and experience can then truly honor it’s purpose: to add value through desirable, usable, accessible, discoverable, and useful features alongside a beautiful UX.

We deliver pixel perfect interactive prototypes which are testable by users and integrable by programmers. Your existing identity will be fully integrated in the touch and feel of your application from the start. Our prototypes can include extensive design speccing, animations, or even complete designs systems to ensure your product’s scalability.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." – Leonardo da Vinci
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." – Leonardo da Vinci

UX audits & user tests

Assessing the need to improve your user experience? Want to ensure your product answers your user’s needs? Human-centered design starts by understanding the value that the product delivers to the users through interviews.

Wether you need to test specific task-completion user scenarios or to audit your product’s global attractiveness, we supply a large number of methods that will deliver clear insights on your user’s needs and pinpoint where there is space left for improvement in your next iterations.

Define most effective routes for your users to action completion, gain precious insights on their priorities, desires and thoughts, or conduct A/B tests to determine which solution is the finest. User testing will make your product team gain huge amounts of time early on and help your product reach maturity faster, all by including your users along the way.

Workshops & design thinking

Do you need to find new solutions to existing problems? Is there the need to renew the team dynamic on your project? Through participative approaches like Design thinking workshops, we connect people with different knowledges to build together through structured and creative approaches in order to ideate, test and deliver human-centered results beyond silos.

Generating a large numbers of ideas is one thing. Generating a large number of useful ideas is another: within a few days your team can find solutions through rapid prototyping and feedback loops, and deliver results by enabling communication amongst different projects stakeholders, all facilitated by skilled UX designers and facilitators who help orient, prototype and test the results with the team and the final users.

Through this rapid process, your team can unlock results that may sometimes take weeks or months to iterate through. The whole team will integrate the process and uncover new perspectives alongside product owners, stakeholders, managers and even end-users. Workshops are an iterative process: even if the results delivered at the end of the week do not go live as a project, you will know why and what to do next with a minimal investment of only a few days. The energy built through this process lasts all along the way.

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