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Decidim is an open-source platform that can easily be tailored to suit the needs of your project: whether it’s about public concertations, digital democracy, or distributed governance, it’s a plug & play solution. Among other benefits, Decidim enables to strengthen your citizen’s trust in participatory processes by grounding itself in a core of transparent and open-source values, enabling a boost in engagement.

Unlike a fair number of civic tech proprietary solutions available today on the market, Decidim is licensed under open-source standards, which means it is not only safer than most solutions but simply also naturally transparent concerning the use of data. Decidim is supported by the European Union and benefits of years of improvements contributed by an international community of cities and regions which have been now using it for years, like Barcelona, Helsinki, or Mexico.

Decidim is made of powerful but intuitive modules, enabling administrators to create, manage, and moderate activities such as concertations, meetings, debates, participatory budgeting, and even a voting module. These solutions are accompanied by usage statistics, user accounts, and community management tools.

We guided the State of Geneva in setting up Decidim for their platform
We guided the State of Geneva in setting up Decidim for their platform

A participatory democracy platform available under 48 hours

We offer two solutions: for urgent projects, we provide SaaS (Software as a Service) enabling you to start configuring your platform in under 48 hours. You won’t be left alone: we’ll guide you all the way on how to use and administer the platform as well as on the best practices in communication and participative democracy practices. Your instance of Decidim will always be hosted in Switzerland, on the highly secured and scalable servers of our partners.

For projects requiring absolute control on everything technical, we offer an on-premise installation on your servers. With a technical stack based on Ruby on Rails and Docker, your project is in good hands: these technologies are at the center of octree’s culture from the start. Octree is a Decidim partner: we contributed to updates on the Decidim project. In need of something specific? We will answer straightforwardly: if these aren’t already on the roadmap of evolutions planned by the community, we’ll be happy to offer custom development.

Whatever option you choose, we always deliver our platform with guidance: we’ll walk you through the best practices on how to administer Decidim and manage its users.

Cities & NGO's: tailored support for your digital democracy

Which attitude to adopt? How and when to launch your project? How to start a public dialogue and how to nurture it? Your platform comes along with support tailored to your organization’s needs: might your project be on the local, regional or territorial scale, we’ll help you establish the right participatory strategy, digital communication, measure the perceived credibility of the project in your users’ eyes, or even the platform’s usability with scientifically proven UX research methods.

Need help to create and publish content on your platform, or even to facilitate concertation workshops? We’ll be happy to help with that.

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